What we do

When you become a client we’ll use all our areas of expertise to offer the following assistance:

  • Menu Creation/ product development
    • Quality control, cost control, CGS
  • FOH/BOH Design/Layout/Build-outs
    • Design kitchen for expected production 5 years from now or design kitchen for a lean model
  • Equipment List
    • Research and acquire all items (starting inventory based on calculated sales)
    • Negotiate and secure discounted prices on juicers, produce, and other equipment related to kitchen
  • Production Plan/Process
  • Create labor matrix for FOH and BOH
    • Implement controls to manage schedules and hours by staff
  • Train staff on their duties, health code, and product knowledge in the most efficient way possible (FOH and BOH)
  • CRM and loyalty management
  • Marketing and social media integration
  • POS system and inventory management
  • Create and implement wholesale, delivery, shipping and corporate accounts
  • Create and develop online retail store and perishable shipping process along with creating and implement wholesale, delivery, shipping and corporate accounts
  • Familiar with federal and state laws regarding legal aspects of the juice industry
  • HACCP (hazard analysis of critical control points) Certified

Specialists that I have to call upon them for their specific areas of expertise (mainly chef related items):

  • Industry Best Production Expert
  • Raw Food, Juice, Smoothie Chef Expert
  • Marketing Expert
  • Industry Best Raw Food, Juice, Smoothie Chef (separate pricing)
  • Architect

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